4 Things to Consider When Starting a Business in Automated Car Park Management

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Posted on April 19, 2023

Automated or Robotic car parking is an innovative solution to the problems of space constraints and traffic congestion in urban areas. With the increasing demand for parking spaces and the shortage of land in cities, robotic car parking has emerged as a gifted technology that can solve this problem. In case you are planning to start a business in robotic car parking, then you cannot ignore taking care of the following as they can help you to get the best value for your money and yield you a decent business opportunity:


Quite naturally and understandably, determining the location for installing the robotic car parking lot becomes a clear priority for you! You need to find a decent location with a high demand for a modern parking space! Look for challenging parking areas, such as commercial districts, shopping malls, airports, and train stations. These locations are ideal for robotic car parking because they can accommodate more cars in less space. When choosing the right location, you need to consider the accessibility and convenience of the same for your customers. The site should be easily accessible by car and public transportation.


You need to consider the cost of the best car parking management system when starting a business in robotic car parking. Robotic car parking is a capital-intensive business; you need significant investment to set up the facility. You must purchase the equipment, lease the land, and hire the personnel to operate and maintain the facility. You also need to consider the operating costs, such as electricity, maintenance, and insurance. You need to ensure that your revenue can cover all the costs and provide a reasonable return on investment.

Safety and Security

Safety is a critical factor when installing a modern robotic car parking system. You must ensure that your facility is safe and secure for the cars and the customers. Your parking ability should be well-lit, and observation cameras should be installed to monitor the parking area. You should also have a backup power system in case of power outages. Moreover, you must ensure your robotic parking system is secure against cyber-attacks and hacking. You need to have robust security protocols in place to protect the data and information of your customers.


Last but not least! Robotic car parking relies on unconventional and cutting-edge technology to operate. When starting a business in automated car parking, you need to invest in the latest technology to ensure that your parking facility is efficient and reliable. You need to have the right software and hardware to manage the parking process, including entry and exit of vehicles, car positioning, and retrieval. You also need to invest in high-quality sensors and cameras that can detect the location and movement of the cars. These sensors should be accurate and reliable to ensure that the parking process is smooth and efficient.


Starting a business in robotic car parking can be a lucrative and rewarding venture, provided you consider the above four factors. This advanced parking system can make you get the best car parking management system that can power the technology that powers the robotic car parking system. To get the right technology and benefits, you must speak to the experts at Sotefin Parking!

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