Sotefin Parking Animations

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Ensuring an efficient parking system is a must for all buildings. With our 4 stack car parking lift, this can be easily done. This system from Sotefin Parking allows you to park 4 cars in a single space.

Check Out Our 4 Stack System With the 4 stack system, you can maximize the utilization of your parking space. After all, it allows you to store up to 4 cars in a single space. As a result, you can increase the parking space available by 4 times which is certainly going to be beneficial for your building.

This parking lift system features 4 platforms which operate in a dependent manner. In other words, the lower platforms must be empty before the cars in the upper platforms can be taken out. However, the operation of the lift is quite simple which keeps the costs down.

In fact, the system is quite a cost-effective method for multiplying the available parking space. Another advantage of our system is that there is no need for a pit. This keeps the installation costs down as well. The cars can be accessed within 60 seconds only to get one back from the system. You should have no issues in making the most of it.

What Do You Get?
These are the benefits offered by our 4 stack parking system.
  • Get parking spaces for up to 4 vehicles.
  • A pit is unnecessary.
  • Maintenance and operation is quite easy.
Outdoor parking is typically a problem for many buildings. This can be effectively addressed with the help of our 4 car parking stacker. As a result, it is ideal for commercial establishments that need require a lot of parking space. Residential buildings such as apartments can also benefit from its use.

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