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6 Remarkable Features of A Successful Automated Parking Management System

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Posted on October 2, 2023

The increasing rate of urbanization has made the cities more overcrowded. The experts, municipal corporations, and municipal officials are of the view that this rate of urbanization can create difficult situations in the city or urban lifestyle. The problems related to overcrowding in the leading cities have created severe problems related to parking slots. The number of cars has increased multiple times, but the availability of parking lots has not increased accordingly. Due to this, drivers and car owners face critical situations when parking their vehicles.

Here, the popularity of automated car parking system in India has emerged as an excellent solution for the problems related to parking cars. Here are some top features of an automated car parking system that suits the needs of business owners, car owners, and drivers.

Concentrated Ecological Impression: The eco-friendliness of APMS is another standout feature. With reduced space requirements and minimized driving within the parking facility (as vehicles are automatically parked), APMS helps lower carbon emissions and air pollution. Additionally, the reduced need for large parking structures means less land is covered with concrete, allowing for better water drainage and preserving urban green areas.

Efficiency to Use the Available Space: One of the most remarkable features of APMS is its ability to maximize the utilization of available space. Traditional parking garages typically require substantial floor space and circulation areas, which can be expensive and inefficient. APMS, on the other hand, uses advanced technology like robotic car lifts and conveyors to stack vehicles efficiently, often requiring up to 60% less space than conventional parking structures. This means more room for green spaces and other community needs.

User-Friendly Technology: APMS are designed with user convenience in mind. Many systems offer smartphone apps that allow users to request their vehicles remotely, even before they reach the parking facility. This level of automation enhances the overall experience, making parking stress-free and straightforward.

Time-Saving Convenience: Imagine a parking experience without the hassle of circling for a spot or walking long distances to your destination. APMS offers precisely that convenience. Drivers drop their cars at designated entry points, and the system takes care of the rest. When returning, the car is retrieved quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time for everyone involved.

Enhanced Traffic Flow: Traditional parking lots can create traffic bottlenecks during peak hours as drivers search for spots. APMS prevents this by streamlining traffic flow within the facility. Vehicles are parked swiftly and precisely, reducing congestion inside and outside the parking area.

Decent and Enhanced Security: Automated Parking Management Systems prioritize safety and security. These systems typically feature robust surveillance, access control, and real-time monitoring, ensuring the safety of both vehicles and users. Unauthorized access is almost impossible, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism.

At Sotefin Parking, the experts are committed to bringing business owners the finest facilities for India’s modern parking management system. The company intends to meet the expectations and demands of car owners who always prefer parking their cars in the safest enclosures. Laden with endless features and facilities, the latest parking systems have mainly been successful in providing the best and the safest parking solutions.


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