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about Sotefin Parking Kolkata

Leader in mechanical & automated vehicle storage system

Founded in 1956, SOTEFIN PATENTS S.A has become a global leader in the field of automated car parking systems with its extensive experience in designing and constructing them. SOTEFIN PATENTS S.A started off with its first patent in 1959. We developed a trolley which allowed parked vehicles to be transferred automatically. It proved to be incredibly accurate and reliable even after years. In fact, some of those systems are still operating today.

SOTEFIN PATENTS S.A has been able to develop winning technological solutions. Although we say so ourselves, the fact is that these solutions have been good enough even for other new companies in this market to avail of them in the past and even today. With such considerable experience behind us, we have decided to focus on India.

Why India?
As per the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index compiled by Deloitte, India is, at the moment, the fourth of the most competitive manufacturing destinations in the world. The country has been forecasted to become the second most competitive by 2018.

India is an attractive destination for manufacturing mainly due the labor cost advantage. While there may be regulatory and infrastructure issues to tackle, India has everything that it needs to become a manufacturing juggernaut. The domestic market is attractive and there is a relative advantage in labor and shipping costs. The country also offers a demographic dividend and low political risk.

With such facilities being available in India, we have decided to bring our automatic car parking systems in the country. Sotefin Parking Pvt. Ltd. has been established for the manufacture and assembly of those systems.

Sotefin Parking Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2012. Our team is backed up by our promotor-directors who have considerable technical experience. In fact, they have over 15 years of experience in the field of automated parking systems.