Sotefin had become a global name in parking technology even before cars became a common sight on Indian roads. Founded in the year 1956, Sotefin won their first patent in the 1959 for designing and developing a trolley that allowed automatic transfer of parked vehicles. Since then, Sotefin has continued to adapt and innovate with changing times and evolving needs.

Today, Sotefin is a global leader in the field of automated car parking systems that has the expertise to design and build parking systems of any size – ranging from just a few to many thousands.

Reimagining spaces. Revolutionising Parking

Why automated parking in India?

The number of cars has seen an exponential rise in India over the past years. Yet the infrastructure remains largely insufficient to handle this growth rate. The core reason being space constraint. We, at Sotefin Parking, are committed to making the most of the existing space by designing technology that works smarter. Thereby offering better efficiency per every square metre of space. But that’s not all. The ease and convenience of our models ensure that not just space, but time is also saved when it comes to parking management.

  • Unmatched performance in terms of speed and space compared to competitors.
  • Fast and independent access for car retrieval.
  • Tailor-made designs for spaces of all types and sizes.
  • Choice of above-ground, underground or a combination of both.
  • Option to integrate turntable
  • High-speed elevator with state-of-the-art technology
  • No expensive illumination and ventilation required
  • High level of safety according to EN norms