Sotefin Parking Animations

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A parking area does need to use the available space efficiently so that more cars can be kept in it. At the same time, it should enable the cars to be retrieved as and when required with minimum effort and fuss. Our Pallet parking systems allow you to ensure both of these features.

The Features of Our Pallet System
Our pallet car parking system will enable you to make the optimal use of the space available to you. You can end up getting more cars parked compactly inside the space. This is made possible by keeping some of the cars on parking pallets.

Each of these pallets is placed on rails and can be moved by means of an electric motor. They move transversely which allows cars to be parked and retrieved easily. Getting access to the desired parking space takes only a short period of time. Moreover, there is enough space available in each pallet for accommodating even SUV-type vehicles.

As a result of the above features, it is possible to create additional parking space in areas and driveways that were previously left unused. Each parking pallet can accommodate a single vehicle at a time.

What Do You Get?
By getting Sotefin Parking for the pallet car parking system, you can derive the following benefits.

  • The installation can proceed quickly and simply.
  • The costs associated with maintenance and operation can kept low.
  • You can even operate the system manually in case of an emergency.

Although not meant for outdoor parking, the fact is that the pallet system can be used in a wide range of applications. Apart from underground parking lots, the system can be used in commercial and residential buildings. It is suitable not only for long-term parking but also short-term parking. Moreover, it can be easily installed even in existing buildings.

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