Sotefin Parking Animations

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Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before it affected parking as well. At Sotefin Parking, we have created a technologically advanced parking system to simplify parking considerably. Our Patented Dolly can not only make your parking lot more efficient in terms of space utilization but also reduce the time and effort required.

Check Out the Features of the Patented Dolly
In the Patented Dolly automated car parking systems, the driver has to do little to get the car parked. In fact, the driver just needs to drive to a designated dolly area. The dolly will take over the car and transport it to an empty parking space in the lot. Retrieval is just as easy. On being notified, the system will bring back the requested vehicle.

There will be a dedicated lobby for the parking and the exit. As such, the security is complete as those two places will be continuously monitored. Moreover, confusions are not likely to arise as to who will get which parking space.

A major feature of the Patented Dolly is that you can maximize the parking slots available even from a relatively small parking space. Operation is understandably simple as it is all automated. Operation costs are reasonable as well.

What Do You Get?
There are several benefits possible on the use of the patented dolly system in our parking lot.

  • It is possible to access and service the system remotely.
  • There are multiple degrees of redundancy in place.
  • The maintenance costs are quite reasonable.

The Patented Dolly parking lift system can be useful in several situations. Commercial establishments including hotels can make use of it to simplify their parking issues. Large residential complexes can also find this parking system to be beneficial.

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