Efficient and Sustainable Robotic Car Parking System: Advancements, Challenges, and Future Prospects

Simplified parking with advanced technology

An all-in-one Robotic Car Parking System made possible by Sotefin’s Dolly technology. Full Automatic Car Parking not only ensures better space utilization but also reduces the time and effort required for parking or retrieval, which means greater peace of mind for you. Fully Automated Robotic Car Parking System can convert even a small area into a massive parking space that operates with minimal maintenance.

automated parking system

Completely monitored dedicated lobby system.

automatic car parking

More space efficiency with minimal effort.

How it works?

In Full Automatic Robotic Car Parking Solutions, the driver doesn’t have to worry about parking or retrieval. A state-of-the-art dolly, designed specifically for Full Automatic Robotic Parking cars, takes care of it all! The driver has to simply drive the car to a designated area. The dolly will take over the car and move it to an empty parking space in the lot. Retrieval is just as easy. Upon being notified, the automatic parking car system will bring back the requested vehicle.