Managed Solutions

services by Sotefin Parking Kolkata

At Sotefin Parking, we believe in ensuring that you can make the most out of the products we offer. As such, we offer managed solutions which can ensure that you do not run into any roadblocks whatsoever down the line. Our major services can be summarized as given below.

Design & Drawing of the Parking system
Our engineers are skilled at capitalizing on the opportunities that the latest ways of working present. Because we have the right people and tools in place, you will design the best possible parking solution for you.
We can also provide any kind of structural design you need to house your parking system.

Design & Drawing
We have skilled engineers in place to design the parking system that you have dreamt out. Our team is skilled enough to make the fullest possible use of the latest methodologies and technologies. We do not have just the right people but also the right tools. As such, you can remain assured that we will design an amazing solution to your parking lot requirements.

In fact, we do more than just design the car parking system for you. We also provide structural design services so that you have the right structure for housing your new automated parking garage.

Annual Maintenance
All kinds of electro-mechanical equipment require regular maintenance in order to keep performing at the desired level. As such, you need to get your car parking system serviced. Of course, the frequency of the service does depend on the usage of the machine. However, we recommend getting your parking system undergo a comprehensive service at least twice a year so as to maintain the reliability of the system.

We offer different choices when it comes to the maintenance of the parking system. This will ensure that downtime is minimized along with the costs. At the same time, reliability can be maximized along with the longevity and quality. Unlike other vendors, we give you the choice when it comes to servicing.

We have ensured that our systems are incredibly simple to use. As such, they can be easily operated by the driver of the car without the need for an additional human interface. However, we understand that our Indian clients prefer having the extra human element most of the times.

We provide additional support staff that has been trained for taking care of the maintenance services as well.

Our Expertise
Over the years, we have helped several clients to benefit from the implementation of auto parking systems. Here are some of those ways.

  • Profit Increase: Commercial parking systems and other commercial establishments have noticed an improvement in their profits upon the use of our parking systems.
  • Improved Occupancy: At the same time, some of them have also enjoyed an improvement in their occupancy rates.
  • Time Savings: One of the biggest benefits provided by our system is that they save a lot of time for the users.