Sotefin Parking Animations

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It is essential for a parking system to be simple so that drivers do not have to wait for a long time in order to park or retrieve their cars. With an independent stack parking system from Sotefin Parking, you can ensure that this is the case for your building.

The Amazing Features of the Stack System
As the name suggests, the stack car parking system has the cars placed on top of another by means of platforms. However, this system makes use of a pit to store the cars. As such, all cars will be stored underground except those on the top level.

You do have the ability to choose how many levels you want in the car parking lift. The cars can be parked or retrieved independently. Due to the independent operation, cars can be easily stored for the long term or for a short term. The levels also help you make the best possible use of the space available to you.

The independent operation also makes it possible to reduce the waiting times typically involved in a car parking system. After all, you will not have to wait for other cars to be moved in order to place your own or retrieve it.

What Do You Get?
There are several benefits offered by this parking system. Take a look at some of them.
  • The operation of this automotive lift is quite simple.
  • The operating costs and the maintenance costs are quite low.
  • It typically takes less than 60 seconds to get your car back.

Overall, this parking stacker system is rather cost-effective. As such, it can be used by residential complexes in addition to commercial buildings. It can be used effectively inside underground parking garages as well.

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