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Parking is becoming a major issue in many cities due to rapid increase in the number of cars on the road. As such, a radical solution is often required to simplify the parking issues. The Tower car parking system from Sotefin Parking is such a solution.

The Features of the Tower Automatic Car Park
As the name suggests, the Tower is a massive car parking system. In fact, it can be a completely separate entity from the building. These automated car parking systems are spread over multiple levels allowing numerous vehicles to be stored.

This is one of the most efficient uses of parking space. Instead of getting a few cars parked, the nominal space can be multiplied by each level. As such, the demands for more parking spaces can be adequately taken care of.

Another major feature of the Tower parking lift system is that it is completely secure. There will be a dedicated lobby through which the cars will have be entered into the Tower and retrieved. Moreover, the entire system is completely automated which decreases the chances of confusions and worries about the vehicle.

What Do You Get?
At Sotefin Parking, we take steps to ensure that you get the most out of the parking systems. That is why you will be able to derive the following benefits out of the Tower system.
  • The vertical movement is rather high which reduces waiting times considerably.
  • Remote access is possible with this system.
  • The area requirements are quite nominal.

The Tower auto parking lift systems are best used in commercial buildings that have a higher parking volume to fulfill. In the same way, certain large scale residential complexes can benefit from the use of this system. In fact, this system can serve as a viable alternative to podium parking in areas where the latter is not possible.

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