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Want to Start a Parking Business? A Few Things You Should Note for Tower Parking Lots!

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Posted on April 16, 2023

Starting a parking business can be lucrative if you plan it well with the experts. One of the most profitable parking business models is a tower parking lot. Tower parking lots are automated parking facilities that utilize technology to stack cars vertically, allowing for efficient use of space. Before diving into this business venture, here are a few things you should note, including tower parking system cost. Your association with knowledgeable service providers can bring you phenomenal success in the end as well.

Here are a few things that the experts at Sotefin Parking can suggest when you are starting a decent business in an automated parking system. Have a close look at the following:


The location is one of the most essential and critical factors to consider when starting an automated parking system. You must look for an area with high population density and limited parking space. The best locations are areas with high traffic flow, such as commercial or residential areas, where parking is challenging. Also, consider proximity to public transportation to increase the number of potential customers. Before you decide, you must consider multiple locations, compare them all, and then decide. Here, the suggestions of the experts can be precious.


Parking lots are vulnerable to burglary and damage. To ensure the safety of your customers’ cars, you need to invest in security measures. These safety or security measures may include CCTV cameras, guards, and alarm systems. You should also ensure that the parking lot has adequate lighting to deter criminal activity.

Permits and Licenses

Starting an automated parking system requires some documents. These documents may include permits and licenses from the relevant local administration or authorities. You need to apply for business permits and zoning permits from the local government. Additionally, you must ensure that you comply with all the parking regulations in your area. Failure to comply with the regulations may lead to hefty fines or even business closure.


The success of a tower parking business depends on the technology used. The technology used should be efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Tower parking lots use an automated system to park cars. When a car enters the parking lot, it is placed on a pallet, which is then transported vertically to an available parking spot. When the car owner returns, they insert a ticket, and the system retrieves the car. You should invest in quality technology to handle high traffic flow and minimize customer wait times.


As mentioned earlier, you must take care of the tower parking system cost. Usually, pricing is a critical factor to consider when starting a tower parking system. You must guarantee that your pricing is viable and affordable to influence customers. You can also offer discounts to regular customers or during off-peak hours to increase business. Additionally, you need to factor in operational costs when setting your pricing.

The Closing Thought:

Starting a business in an automated parking system is good enough for a decent and consistent income, but it may happen only when you carefully handle all the necessary things. You should do well to reach the experts at Sotefin Parking and get their guidance to manage everything with complete expertise.

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